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CunninLynguists mp3 download (57 tracks)

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Album: A Piece of Strange mp3 download

Year: 2006
Artist: CunninLynguists
Quality: High
Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

CunninLynguists - A Piece of Strange album

Track listing:

No. Title Size
1. CunninLynguists - Where Will You Be?.mp3 1.85 Mb download
2. CunninLynguists - Since When.mp3 7.11 Mb download
3. CunninLynguists - Nothing to Give.mp3 6.17 Mb download
4. CunninLynguists - Caved In - C-Lo, , Cunninlynguists, Cunninlynguists, Cee-Lo Green.mp3 5.81 Mb download
5. CunninLynguists - Hourglass.mp3 5.91 Mb download
6. CunninLynguists - Beautiful Girl.mp3 6.01 Mb download
7. CunninLynguists - Inhale (Interlude).mp3 3.60 Mb download
8. CunninLynguists - Brain Cell - Cunninlynguists.mp3 7.73 Mb download
9. CunninLynguists - America Loves Gangsters - Cunninlynguists,.mp3 7.89 Mb download
10. CunninLynguists - Never Know Why - Cunninlynguists, Cunninlynguists, , Immortal Technique.mp3 6.81 Mb download
11. CunninLynguists - Gates - Cunninlynguists, Cunninlynguists, Tonedeff.mp3 7.20 Mb download
12. CunninLynguists - Damnation (Interlude).mp3 2.90 Mb download
13. CunninLynguists - Hellfire.mp3 4.39 Mb download
14. CunninLynguists - Remember Me (Abstract/Reality) - Cunninlynguists.mp3 7.83 Mb download
15. CunninLynguists - What'll You Do? - Cunninlynguists.mp3 4.79 Mb download
16. CunninLynguists - Light - Cunninlynguists.mp3 9.69 Mb download

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Album: Sloppy Seconds Vol. 2 mp3 download

Year: 2005
Artist: CunninLynguists
Quality: High
Rating: StarStar

CunninLynguists - Sloppy Seconds Vol. 2 album

Track listing:

No. Title Size
1. CunninLynguists - Cornasto.mp3 3.20 Mb download
2. CunninLynguists - WQN5 Station ID No.1.mp3 0.56 Mb download
3. CunninLynguists - Play Hard ('Knomercy: The Difference Vol.2 Preview') - Masta Ace.mp3 1.02 Mb download
4. CunninLynguists - The Party (Skit).mp3 2.93 Mb download
5. CunninLynguists - What They Playin? (Blow My High).mp3 3.13 Mb download
6. CunninLynguists - Being Human's Hard - Kynfolk.mp3 4.38 Mb download
7. CunninLynguists - Fear - Various Artists.mp3 5.35 Mb download
8. CunninLynguists - Clap - Cashmere The Pro.mp3 4.88 Mb download
9. CunninLynguists - WQN5 Station ID No.2.mp3 0.76 Mb download
10. CunninLynguists - Wachugondo? ('Knomercy: The Difference Vol.2' Preview) - Beatnuts.mp3 1.33 Mb download
11. CunninLynguists - Break Even - Natti.mp3 4.36 Mb download
12. CunninLynguists - Brain Over Muscle - Chapter 13.mp3 4.44 Mb download
13. CunninLynguists - Time (What Is It?) - Mr. Sos.mp3 4.25 Mb download
14. CunninLynguists - Friendgirl - Cashmere The Pro.mp3 4.12 Mb download
15. CunninLynguists - Porcelain (Remix) - Tonedeff.mp3 3.72 Mb download
16. CunninLynguists - Miss Lady.mp3 3.78 Mb download
17. CunninLynguists - Til' The End (C.A.L.I.) - Inverse.mp3 4.93 Mb download
18. CunninLynguists - The Talk (Skit).mp3 4.15 Mb download
19. CunninLynguists - Since When? ('A Piece Of Strange' Preview).mp3 2.02 Mb download
20. CunninLynguists - Mind Won't Behave.mp3 4.89 Mb download
21. CunninLynguists - It's Over - Blue Collar.mp3 4.18 Mb download
22. CunninLynguists - Be Free (Remix).mp3 3.80 Mb download
23. CunninLynguists - W.C.G..mp3 4.32 Mb download
24. CunninLynguists - Diamond Sky.mp3 3.53 Mb download
25. CunninLynguists - WQN5 Station ID No.3.mp3 0.82 Mb download
26. CunninLynguists - What'll You Do? ('A Piece Of Strange' Preview).mp3 1.46 Mb download
27. CunninLynguists - Outro.mp3 0.22 Mb download

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Album: Southernunderground mp3 download

Year: 2004
Artist: CunninLynguists
Quality: High
Rating: StarStar

CunninLynguists - Southernunderground album

Track listing:

No. Title Size
1. CunninLynguists - Intro.mp3 1.74 Mb download
2. CunninLynguists - Southernunderground.mp3 4.67 Mb download
3. CunninLynguists - South.mp3 6.14 Mb download
4. CunninLynguists - Love Ain't - Cunninlynguists, Cunninlynguists, Tonedeff.mp3 7.06 Mb download
5. CunninLynguists - Rain.mp3 5.74 Mb download
6. CunninLynguists - Doin' Alright.mp3 8.22 Mb download
7. CunninLynguists - Interlude 1.mp3 2.51 Mb download
8. CunninLynguists - Old School.mp3 6.88 Mb download
9. CunninLynguists - Seasons - Cunninlynguists, Cunninlynguists, Masta Ace.mp3 6.34 Mb download
10. CunninLynguists - Nasty Filthy (Feat. Supastition and Cashmere).mp3 8.44 Mb download
11. CunninLynguists - Falling Down - Cashmere The Pro, Cunninlynguists, Cunninlynguists, Supastition.mp3 11.56 Mb download
12. CunninLynguists - Sunrise/Sunset - Cunninlynguists, Cunninlynguists, Supastition.mp3 6.44 Mb download
13. CunninLynguists - Interlude 2.mp3 2.65 Mb download
14. CunninLynguists - Appreciation Remix (Feat. Cashmere).mp3 6.08 Mb download
15. CunninLynguists - Dying Nation.mp3 6.40 Mb download
16. CunninLynguists - War.mp3 12.31 Mb download

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Album: Sloppy Seconds, Vol. 1 mp3 download

Year: 2003
Artist: CunninLynguists
Quality: High
Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

CunninLynguists - Sloppy Seconds, Vol. 1 album

Track listing:

No. Title Size
1. CunninLynguists - Were form the Internet.mp3 6.59 Mb download
2. CunninLynguists - Pump it Up Freestyle Ft Natti.mp3 4.99 Mb download
3. CunninLynguists - watch yo mowf ft deacon the villian.mp3 3.55 Mb download
4. CunninLynguists - over the hills ft deacon the villian, natti and bonified circle.mp3 7.82 Mb download
5. CunninLynguists - p.t.a. ft masta ace king tee and j-ro.mp3 4.48 Mb download
6. CunninLynguists - Skew it on the Bar-B Freestyle.mp3 3.35 Mb download
7. CunninLynguists - Chico and the Man Lp Drop.mp3 1.23 Mb download
8. CunninLynguists - SWE.mp3 1.76 Mb download
9. CunninLynguists - Love Aint Remix Ft Tonedeff.mp3 6.35 Mb download
10. CunninLynguists - Deacon the Villian Lp Drop.mp3 1.00 Mb download
11. CunninLynguists - Affirmative Action Freestyle.mp3 3.68 Mb download
12. CunninLynguists - sticky green ft mr sos, showtime, and deacon the villian.mp3 5.32 Mb download
13. CunninLynguists - Earths Essence Ft Mr Sos.mp3 5.59 Mb download
14. CunninLynguists - if u only knew ft krs-one and anetra.mp3 2.67 Mb download
15. CunninLynguists - Off the Chain Ft J. Bully.mp3 8.54 Mb download
16. CunninLynguists - mic like a memory rmx ft kory calico.mp3 6.99 Mb download
17. CunninLynguists - The Fellationelles.mp3 4.64 Mb download
18. CunninLynguists - nasty filthy remx ft substantial and j bully.mp3 6.54 Mb download
19. CunninLynguists - irrational ft sean price and deacon the villian.mp3 2.27 Mb download
20. CunninLynguists - Dem Thangs Freestyle.mp3 3.22 Mb download
21. CunninLynguists - Never Scared Freestyle.mp3 3.49 Mb download
22. CunninLynguists - Lay Low Freestyle.mp3 5.14 Mb download
23. CunninLynguists - Seasons Remix Ft Masta Ace.mp3 6.37 Mb download
24. CunninLynguists - Made You Look Freestyle.mp3 5.21 Mb download
25. CunninLynguists - Chapter 13 Ft Kno.mp3 5.48 Mb download
26. CunninLynguists - Welcome to Ny Freestyle.mp3 5.42 Mb download
27. CunninLynguists - Mr Sos Lp Drop.mp3 1.37 Mb download
28. CunninLynguists - Rap Name Freestyle.mp3 5.82 Mb download
29. CunninLynguists - Cashmere the Pro Lp Drop.mp3 1.16 Mb download
30. CunninLynguists - magic stick freestyle ft nuke, cashmere the pro and mac lethal.mp3 7.33 Mb download

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Album: Will Rap For Food Instrumentals mp3 download

Year: 1998
Artist: CunninLynguists
Quality: High
Rating: StarStarStarStar

CunninLynguists - Will Rap For Food Instrumentals album

Track listing:

No. Title Size
1. CunninLynguists - Lynguistic.mp3 2.67 Mb download
2. CunninLynguists - Mic Like A Memory.mp3 5.40 Mb download
3. CunninLynguists - So Live.mp3 3.64 Mb download
4. CunninLynguists - Fuckinwichu.mp3 4.85 Mb download
5. CunninLynguists - Ain't No Way.mp3 4.36 Mb download
6. CunninLynguists - Missing Children.mp3 5.75 Mb download
7. CunninLynguists - Thugged Out Since Cub Scouts.mp3 4.31 Mb download
8. CunninLynguists - Halfanimal.mp3 4.69 Mb download
9. CunninLynguists - Family Ties.mp3 4.80 Mb download
10. CunninLynguists - Minstate.mp3 4.57 Mb download
11. CunninLynguists - Takin The Loss.mp3 5.61 Mb download
12. CunninLynguists - 616 Rewind.mp3 4.94 Mb download

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Artist: Califonia Swag District
Song: Teach Me How To Dougie

Aye! aye!
Teach me how to dougie (aye! )

[Verse 1:]
They be like smoove (what?)
Can u teach me how to dougie?
You know why?
Cause all da bitches love me (aye)
All I need is a beat that's super bumpin
And for you, you, and you to back it up and dump it!
Put your arms out front, lean side to side
They gona be on you when they see you hit dat dougie right?
Aint nobody fuckin wit my bro from morningside
He go by bubba and he hit dat dance wit thunder
I aint from dallas but I d-town boogie
I show my moves off and everybody tryna do me
I leave da function and all da ladies tryna screw me
You just do you and ima do me (all day)
Niggas love to hate so they try to shoot me
Bitches be stuck to me I think they tryna glue me
I make the party shine bright when it start to boomin
Dis beat was bubblegum so I had to chew it

Teach me how to dougie
T-teach me how to dougie
Teach me how to dougie
T-teach me how to dougie
All my bitches love me
All my, all my bitches love me
All my bitches love me
You aint fuckin wit my dougie! x2

[Verse 2]
My name is yung!
For da dudes who don't know me
I know I'm from da west but I can teach you how to dougie!
Step up in da club and all these bitches bug me
All da niggas dancin and none of them know me
I hear da crowd screamin like "aye! get it brody!"
So I'm on my and I take it real low
Dey like "how you da dat?" he can dougie on the floor
And when dat nigga stop they like "dougie somemore!"
I'm like a nigga kinda tired so, I pass it to da bro!
M-bone! show these cats how to do dat down south dance
Dat we learned a lil too fastand bought it to da hood
And got da whole crew askin...

Teach me how to dougie
T-teach me how to dougie
Teach me how to dougie
T-teach me how to dougie
All my bitches love me
All my, all my bitches love me
All my bitches love me
You aint fuckin wit my dougie! x2
[Verse 3]
Back of the party ion really like to boogie
I'm just tryna get bent and meet a thick redbone
(Mmm) she do her dougie and all them bitches hatin but I'm bout
To escape with a bitch and head home (fuck it)
She got her friends so is a two man and
And I run it run it even if her legs long
She like you hubby, I think she love me but,
I change da subject and I do my dougie
Cuz, ion give a fuck, blow trees, get money
Me, smoove, hef in the back with playboy bunnies
We gon make em do the dougie in the middle of da bed
And when I asked for some head da bitch looked at me funny
Daaah! bitch you can't tell me nothin starr made the beat
And I just took it out the oven, I just see the dougie when everybody
Clubbin and I hate skinny jeans cuz the burner keep rubbin! (oh! )

Teach me how to dougie
T-teach me how to dougie
Teach me how to dougie
T-teach me how to dougie
All my bitches love me
All my, all my bitches love me
All my bitches love me
You aint fuckin wit my dougie! x2

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